How to explain?
It is an attractive place for people who like to be creative (and not just by words).
In the beginning it was founded as a silk-screen-studio. An open space place. But it is also a designers place, a soundstudio, a mobile printing-unit, as well as a sound-system-pool.

Since the last five years different people care for the place, as an offer to artists using this as an open-space. And when i say care, it means care. There is no financial input from official organizations. We have to produce, and sell. In the KIOSK. Or in other shops. Doing printing-jobs. Or giving workshops.

Die Fleischerei is part of an social project, hardly financed by the government. „Unter Druck – Kultur von der Strasse e.V.“, cares for homeless people , giving them motivation to express themselves in a creative way. There is a theater-formation, fotolab, painting and literature, and last but not least, the printing-studio, die Fleischerei.

We do not specialize on just homeless users. There is a mix of all different kind of artists, so there are many different styles and brands, causing a very inspiring atmosphere of creative togetherness.

But every output needs an input too. People who like to work not just in, but also for the Fleischerei-project are heartly welcome. Networks are necessary. And it developed since the last five years. Networks are the source of all Fleischerei-projects.

Some of these projects were:
Participation at the Karneval der Kulturen with a mobile printing-bus, workshops and performances at the Schlossplatz, Berlin, productions at the Stubnitz (www.stubnitz.com), cooperative works with artists from the former Solidarnosc-shipyard in Gdansk (www.foto.obin.org), Poland, works and exhibitions in Bern and Zurich (Switzerland), as well as cooperations with many galleries in Berlin, production of different magazines etc.

We are not perfect (except when we do our printing-jobs of course).
We are only human. Sympathy is important, doing our cooperations with other artists.

What kind of products are made here?
Textiles (from underwear to gala-wear)
All kind of printings – posters, flyers, stickers, patches, textiles, magazines, accessoires
Music – Vinyl, CD, tapes

What we need?
Money. (All-time-urgent)

Not really for us, the people. But as there is lot of space in the Fleischerei, there are also costs (like rent, telecommunication, electric, material).

So, how do the people in the Fleischerei make their living, survive?
At firs by selling their stuff (not just in the Fleischerei, but also in various galleries). Some get money from the government (basically unemployment level).
Support from the public would be standard, if we were not in Berlin. Reason is that in the Fleischerei not only handmade-printing is teached, but there is also social work happening in the place (mostly with the youths of the neighbourhood).

But how about “Unter Druck”? Well, this organization itself has only got a minimum of public financial support, not enough to offer the cultural projects in a proper way.
So the Fleischerei will fight on (their own). Against consume, for creative expression and togetherness. Solidarity.

If you also feel solidarity with us, you can support us (financially).


Invest in Ost – Volume II
„Mäuse für die Fleische“

Torstrasse 118
10119 Berlin
030-513 00 231


KIOSK Mo-Fr 14-20 Uhr
Workshop on demand

Invest in Ost – Vol. II

Bank f. Sozialwirtschaft 100 205 00
Account-Nr. 300 63 06

Unter Druck – Kultur von der Strasse e.V.
Oudenarder Strasse 26
13347 Berlin
030-24 72 90 40

[in English, butcher's shop]